Your Consultation

Our outpatient care is provided for patients with all types of breast problems. We understand that it may take courage to attend especially if you’re feeling worried or anxious. Our aim is that you leave the clinic as reassured as possible. We would like your visit to be a friendly and caring experience, therefor we encourage you to bring a friend, partner or relative with you.

What to expect

When you arrive you will be asked to sit in the waiting area.

A nurse will call your name and you will be taken to an examination room. When you are seen, you will have all the time you need.

We will ask you some questions about your medical details. You will be asked to remove your top so that he/she can examine you. After the examination you will be advised about any tests that need to be done.

Breast clinic tests or procedures

FNA and Core biopsy can be done while you are in clinic or they may be done at the same time as a Mammogram and Ultrasound Scan. They can cause mild pain during the procedure.

Fine needle aspiration (FNA)

A fine needle is inserted into the breast lump several times and cells are drawn out (aspirated). The cells are sent to the laboratory to be examined under a microscope.

Core biopsy

The skin is numbed with local anaesthetic and a needle is inserted into you breast and several small pieces of tissue are taken. These are then sent to the laboratory for tests (a biopsy).

If required, mammogram and ultrasounds are carried out in one stop breast clinic on the same day. You will be sent an out patient appointment if the doctor wants you to have these procedures. This will be done on the same day as your breast clinic appointment.


These are special X-rays of the breast. The radiographer will position your breast on the X-ray plate and apply pressure, usually taking two pictures. This is uncomfortable but not usually very painful.


This is the new way of doing mammogram. If mammogram is an x-ray then tomosynthesis is the CT scan. It is three-dimensional images. It improves diagnostic accuracy and reduces the need for unnecessary biopsies. Currently it is available at Shard breast clinic and Spire - Fordcombe breast clinic

Ultrasound scan

This is a test similar to the scan used on pregnant women. A clear jelly is put on to your breast and the scanner is passed over to build up a picture. It is painless and you will be able to watch the screen.

What happens next?

We might not be able to tell you what he or she expects your problem is in the clinic and will want to wait for the results of the tests before giving you your diagnosis. You will be asked to make another appointment at the clinic for the following week so that you can receive your results of any tests done. A letter will be sent to your GP about your diagnosis or probable diagnosis.

What about further treatment?

Mr Devalia and Mr Dani will you give you a provisional date for surgery if you need an operation.