Breast Enlargement

What is breast enlargement?

Breast enlargement is an operation to use breast implants to increase the size or improve the shape of the breast. It is commonly known as breast augmentation.

What are the different types of breast implants?

It is commonly done with silicone implants. Occasionally, saline (salt water) implants are used.

Silicone implants can be round or teardrop (anatomical). They are available in different shapes and sizes. The implant height and projection varies depending on the need. We help the patients to make right decision by showing different types of implants.

Is silicone safe?

Silicone is widely used healthcare product as it does react easily to body fluids. The research done on silicone implants suggests there is no increased risk of developing breast cancer or autoimmune disease (i.e. arthritis). The reported link of developing ALCL (Anaplastic Large cell Lymphoma) is rare.

What does the surgery involve?

It is performed under general anaesthesia. The cut is quite small and usually under the breast. One may make a cut around the nipple if breast enlargement is combined with breast uplift.

Implants may be placed behind the breast (subglandular) or behind the chest wall muscle (submuscular). The dual plane technique has the advantage of both techniques whereby implants are placed partly behind muscle and partly behind the breast. The wounds are closed with dissolvable stitches.

What complications can occur?

  • Bruising – this is not very common and can take 2-3 weeks to settle
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Implant rupture. This is very rare.
  • Capsule contracture is common. Every patient develops scarring (capsule) around the implant but the degree of tightening (contracture) varies. In fact, it is one of the common reasons for removal and replacement of the implants. The recognized risk factors are smoking, diabetes as well as precious radiotherapy.
  • Implant rotation can happen with teardrop implants.
  • Altered sensation can happen but loss of the nipple sensation is rare.
  • Thickening or hypertrophy of scars.

How long before daily activities may be resumed?

  • Normal activity can be resumed in 48 hours
  • Shower normally after 10 days
  • Avoid heavy arm exercises for 4-6 weeks
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights for 4-6 weeks
  • Do not go on long haul flights for 6 weeks to avoid the risk of deep vein thrombosis
  • Wear a sports bra day and night for at least 6 weeks

Clinic appointments (all covered within the fee)

  • One week
  • Four weeks
  • Four months

Success rates

Breast augmentation has a high success rate with few serious complications.

What you can do to help make the operation a success

  • If you smoke, stopping smoking several weeks or more before. It reduces your risk of developing complications.
  • Try to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Regular exercise should help to prepare you for the operation.